Frequently Asked Questions

If you have lost your keys and do not have a way to get into your apartment, please call the office. If it is during normal business hours, we will assist you free-of-charge. If it is after hours or on a weekend, you will speak to our answering service; please let them know the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your phone number
  3. Apartment address

After you call to report the lock out please wait nearby for maintenance to easily find you.  Please do not try to force your way into the apartment.  You will be charged to repair/replace any broken locks, doors, windows, or screens for damages caused by forced entry.

We charge $5 for each new key made, as well as $25 for after-hours and weekend lock-outs.

Osterhoudt Student Rentals
6030 State Hwy 23
Oneonta, NY 13820

Osterhoudt Student Rentals has many homes and apartments that are within walking distance from campus or a have a bus stop nearby.  Are you a non-traditional student?  A visiting professor?  A senior looking for a special place to spend your last semester? Our luxury lake houses and apartments on Goodyear Lake are just a short drive to Oneonta and perfect for your needs!  Relax and enjoy beautiful views of the lake and nature while studying.  Not into the loud, college downtown scene?  Our lake housing options are serene and calming.  They are the perfect place for peace and quiet. You can feel like you are on vacation every day!

Osterhoudt Student Rentals has consistently offered high quality, well maintained homes and apartments at reasonable prices. Our residents appreciate our professional and friendly staff, and that our properties are locally owned and operated, so any issues that might arise are addressed quickly and easily.  From our office staff to the maintenance team, we are all here to make sure your college home-away-from-home is comfortable and enjoyable. For College Life…with STYLE, the clear choice is Osterhoudt Student Rentals!

Our leases generally begin a day or two before classes begin in August, and run to graduation weekend.  We offer single semester leases at our lake properties if available.

Please be prepared to pay a $500 security deposit when you sign your lease. Payments can be  made online through our tenant portal, or via cash or check in our office.

Right now! We are always accepting new leases, so to get your first choice, don’t wait – sign early. Contact our leasing staff to begin the leasing process, or for information on the property you would like to lease.  Visit our “Tour from the Couch” and check out many of our units without even putting on a pair of shoes! We can be reached by text or calling (607) 376-7797, and by e-mail at

Yes. Our leases are joint and several. We offer convenient, online electronic lease signings, so you and your roommates don’t need to coordinate schedules to meet during office hours and sign your lease.  You can each sign the lease in the comfort of your room, on your schedule.  Our system will do the rest.  Just remember, a lease is a binding contract and that whoever signs it is responsible for the full lease.

Why rent a U-haul and try to convince your family and friends to help you move heavy furniture?  All Osterhoudt Student Rentals homes and apartments are fully furnished, including large, wall mounted, flat screen TV’s in every living room and bedroom.  We even have a limited amount of small kitchen setups that can be added to your rental for a small additional fee. Just pack your car with your personal belongings and travel light!  We’ll take care of the rest.

All Osterhoudt Student Rentals homes and apartments have off-street parking.  No need to worry where to park your car if there is a snowstorm! 

All Osterhoudt Student Rentals homes and apartments include high speed internet from Spectrum. If you are interested in having cable TV in addition to internet, please discuss this with our office staff to review available options.

Each building has a trash shed or dumpster. Please check with the office or our maintenance team for your designated area and the trash pickup schedule. Thank you for doing your part to keep the grounds clean!

No. Because we specialize in student housing, we offer money saving pre-payment options allowing you to prepay your rent at the beginning of each semester.  If you prefer to spread it out, we have monthly payment plans that are available with autopay.

All rent payments are due on August 1st for the Fall semester; and January 1st for the Spring semester. As a courtesy, we offer a five day grace period that all rent payments must be processed within. A $50 late fee is added to all rent payments that are received after midnight, on the 5th day after the due date.

Your security deposit refund will be sent out within 14 days after the expiration date of your lease. We will mail your refund to the forwarding address you provide for us during your move-out appointment.  If you have an account set up with us in your tenant portal, we can electronically return your deposit balance.

We offer free maintenance service for all items that come with your apartment! Our dedicated and knowledgeable maintenance team routinely checks to ensure that everything in your apartment is working correctly. The only exception is if something breaks due to your act or neglect, we may bill the cost of repair back to you, but if it is not your fault it is not your problem!

We’re sorry, but our maintenance staff cannot work on or with your personal belongings.  We offer all our apartments fully furnished.  That’s why you chose to rent from us, right?  If for some reason you wish to have items removed, there may be a small fee for the removal and storage of these items.  Please discuss your needs with our office staff at the time you sign your lease.